Peter Ferrer

"'Queer eye for the dead guy' has Petey wearing a rhinestone fricking rainbow! Seriously, ever heard of butch?"

It sucks to be a Little Leaguer in Neptune.

Pretty Peter Ferrer was on Woody Goodman's team. It was a passport to molestation. Woody preyed on those whose fathers treated them badly, or neglected them and Peter suffered Woody's attentions along with fellow team mates Marcos Oliveres and Cassidy Casablancas.

At sixteen, or thereabouts, and confident in his own sexuality, he decided that it was time to bring Woody to justice. Marcos agreed, but Beaver was reluctant. It was a decision that cost him his future.

It sucks to be dead in Neptune.

Bio as of 2.22 "Not Pictured"
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Luke Frydenger plays Peter Ferrer.

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