Peter Ferrer

"...this guy who calls himself, "MIZZ P," went off about the 'outing of all outings in Neptune' and then he vanished. A tad ominous, don't you think?"

Peter was one of the students who died on the bus and Pirate's S.H.I.P. (Student Homosexual Internet Posting) poster. With no intention of causing offense, a tongue twister comes to mind:

Peter Poofter posts a piece o' poop to Pirate's posters, a piece o' poop to Pirate's posters, Peter Poofter posts. Then perished in a pack of poor-fated passengers, but what's the poop to Pirate's posters Peter Poofter post?

What did Peter know of the "outing of all outings"?

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Luke Frydenger plays Peter Ferrer.

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