Hannah Griffith

"I'm kinda holding out for something special."

Hannah Griffith is bad news, plain and simple.

Need proof?

Her father, despite being a prominent plastic surgeon and apparently all-around upstanding citizen otherwise, has enough secret, dirty dealings with the Fighting Fitzpatricks to ensure his cooperation in whatever further secret, dirty things they want him to do. Like, say, claiming to witness a murder that he didn't actually witness. Further complicating matters, her new boyfriend, who insists that their meeting at the winter carnival was purely by chance, happens to be the suspect in that very same murder.

To the casual observer, perhaps it seems like Hannah is just an innocent caught in the middle of a dangerous game of murderous intrigue of which she knows little, but clearly the truth of the situation is that she is a walking bad luck charm. She destroys the lives of all that she touches with the disarmingly cute smile on her face never wavering!

But perhaps now that both her father and Logan have told her their sides of the story and she has chosen to believe Logan's (after discovering a nicely incriminating bag of cocaine hidden sloppily in a bathroom at her house), Hannah can work towards undoing all the trouble that she has caused. Perhaps she can start with standing by her new man and letting their love buoy him through these trying times. Perhaps her disapproval of her father's unsavory associations will cause him to give up all of his wrong-doings in shame.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps Hannah will just make everything worse. She's best at that, you know. We'll just have to wait and see what havoc this little princess brings next.

-public displays of lust
Bio as of 2.14 "Versatile Toppings"
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Jessy Schram plays Hannah Griffith.

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