Trina Echolls

"But if you're coming home, who will play Dead Hooker Two on CSI this week?"

Excerpt: Screen Test #4 — Trina Echolls

Offscreen: So,'re auditioning for...?
Actress: Veronica. I believe that I could play a lying, promiscuous high school student. I have some past experience...
Offscreen: Evan Rachel Wood has already been cast for that part.
Actress: Really? Isn't she a little pure now that we know the truth about her and that my father was innocent? In fact, I was going to suggest that we end the film with the suggestion that Veronica murdered my dad. Nothing libelous, obviously, but what do you think? Um, uh, oh, right. Well then, of course, there is the obvious. I would play myself. It could be really good publicity for the film, what with me being an Echolls and all. And even though I've found out I'm actually the love child of a lunch lady and a disgraced high school principal, I am still legally Aaron Echolls's daughter and will be keeping the name and my share of his fortune. I do so miss Aaron, you know. He always took a keen interest in my career and my welfare. He'd really kick ass for me.
Offscreen: So, Trina, in this part you would be playing the bitchy older sister of one of our main characters, Logan. What would you bring to the role?
Actress: Oh, oh, like totally, I would be so there. I mean, he is my little brother, and even if he is banging one skanky ho or another, I soooo love him and, and—
Notes in the margin: Not too bright, is she?
Offscreen: Perhaps you missed the bitchy part?
Actress: No, no problem. I love my baby bro but he is such a pain in the ass that all we ever do is push each other's buttons and I am soooo there with that like, the time I told him I couldn't get my boyfriend off my back and he, he, like, said I should try standing up and I said...I said something really cutting and witty back that I just can't quite remember...
Offscreen: Thanks, Trina.
Notes in the margin: Maybe as an extra. Get me Tara Reid!

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Alyson Hannigan plays Trina Echolls.

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