Lynn Echolls

"Here's to you, Mrs. Echolls."

Lynn Lester became Lynn Echolls became dead. Or did she?

Lynn's life royally sucked before she abandoned her car on a bridge and took a hike, leaving behind her movie star brute of a husband, a less successful actress stepdaughter, and her son. She had big lips. She had to listen to the sounds of her husband beating her son. She had to put up with women everywhere trying to get into her husband's pants and his pretty much letting them. Finally snapping, she had to endure the public revelations of Aaron's infidelity, albeit at her own making.

With luck, she went to heaven on a suicide get-out clause or else she'll be seeing the murdering son-of-a-bitch soon.

What was good for Lynn? Parading about in her bikini in front of her children's friends. Coming to the front door in her nightgown when the tour buses stopped by. Cutting her husband out of her will and never putting her stepdaughter in it. And man, she must have loved the collagen. I mean, did you see the lips?

Bio as of 2.22 "Not Pictured"
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Lisa Rinna plays Lynn Echolls.

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