Principal Alan Moorehead

"We take this very seriously."

Taking a cue from Mr. Rooks (or perhaps Rooks took a cue from him), Vice Principal Moorehead (heh) had an affair with one of his students twenty-five years ago, which produced a baby girl. We're thinking he misinterpreted the phrase, "Think of the principal as your pal." Oh, but he left the baby in the girls' bathroom during prom night to try to fix his mistake. Good one.

Instead, twenty-five years later, now-Principal Moorehead (heh) had the unpleasant experience of being outed by his now-adult and pissed off daughter. Ouch. We're thinking Moorehead won't be seeing any more head…s of students now that Vice Principal Clemmons took over his job.

Bio as of 2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend"
All bios: 2.09 2.08

John Bennett Perry plays Principal Alan Moorehead.

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