Veronica Mars

"So why do you do it?"
"Cold hard cash."
"...Because I'm good at it, maybe. I don't know."

After graduation, Veronica stands poised to tackle the challenging world of academia, Hearst College-style. She still lives at home with Keith, though her faith in him has been shaken by his affair with a married woman. But her campus life is rich with friends, old and new, and she gets to take exciting classes where no one takes attendance! Leave it to Veronica to sign up for Intro to Criminology — as if she needs lessons. Logan is once again the love of her life, though she continues to have trust issues, Mac is still her gal pal, and Wallace probably always will be her trusty sidekick and best friend.

Sounds too good to be true, you say? Well, she wouldn't be Veronica Mars if she weren't solvin' crimes and breakin' hearts. She helps Wallace's roommate Piz find his stolen merchandise and breaks up a ring of dorm robberies in the process. Piz thinks she's pretty hot and appropriately drools over her combination of beauty and brains.

Gone is the familiar LeBaron, having been replaced with a brand-new Saturn hybrid SUV. Product placement aside, the car is hot — and environmentally-friendly. Fortunately, her dog hasn't been replaced, but don't be fooled by his gentle, panting face. Backup will attack, without blinking an eye, anyone who tries to mess with Veronica.

Next on the list: finding the person behind the head-shaving and rape of Mac's roommate Parker and three other Hearst women. Not only does her investigation rekindle memories or her own rape, but Veronica almost watches history repeat itself when her cafeteria soda is tainted with an unknown drug. Someone masked and mysterious waits for a delirious Veronica by her car, ready to attack. Logan saves her from danger once again, but the question remains: who was that masked man (or woman)?

Bio as of 3.07 "Of Vice and Men"
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Kristen Bell plays Veronica Mars.

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