Veronica Mars

"Normal. That's the watchword."

After discovering the answers to questions that plagued her life for the better part of two years, Veronica is determined to put the turmoil behind her and have a "normal" life. She gives up her burgeoning dead-end career as a P.I. in favor of a part-time hostessing job. She ditches 09er-vs-non-09er-lightning-rod Logan and begins dating helps-clear-off-the-tables Duncan. She throughly embraces her friendship with Wallace, even up to the point of standing outside a bathroom doorway, listening to him pee. Awwww. And ewww!

How long is this normalcy going to last? Is she really going to give up the detective biz? Because let's face it, Veronica Mars, part-time hostess, just doesn't sound nearly as cool as Veronica Mars, badass action hero. If she isn't the ostracized, angry loner of yesteryear, then who is she?

If you have to ask, then you haven't been watching the show too closely, have you?

Her hair might have gotten a little longer, her necklaces might have changed, and her social status might have climbed up a few notches, but at the core she is still Veronica Mars. She might be a little less angry, and a little bit happier, but nevertheless, she is still as fierce, strong, vulnerable, brilliant, sarcastic, and mercilessly, scandalously hot as ever.

After keeping her emotions bottled up for the past two years, Veronica allows herself to be more open to those around her. During her junior year, Meg and Weevil were two of the few people she could count on. When they begin pushing her away, instead of just shutting down and letting go, she tries to rebuild their friendships. Weevil accepts Veronica's offer of friendship; Meg does not.

By some weird twist of fate, the cruelest—and ultimately the kindest—thing Meg ever did for Veronica was to leave Veronica behind at the gas station. That bus accident left Meg in a coma and ended the lives of seven people. It also ended any hope that Veronica had of staying out of the detective biz. In a town filled with secrets, lies, and corruption, that bus accident was not just an "accident."

Veronica no longer works for her dad, but she can't help being who she is. Filled with mixed emotions about not being on that doomed bus ride, Veronica disproves Lamb's theory that the accident was a suicide attempt by the bus driver, Ed Doyle. While she has ruled out suicide as the cause of the accident, she still has no idea what caused the bus to plunge off the cliff. How far is Veronica willing to go to find the answers? What ethical lines will she cross to do the right thing? How many lies will she weave to uncover the truth? And most importantly of all, will she and Duncan finally learn how to do it right?

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Kristen Bell plays Veronica Mars.

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